If I’d go to North Korea again now, here are some thoughts on what to pack and plan

One of the things that I was struggling with was packing for the trip and really knowing what to expect – even after talking to a few people who have been there, I was only semi prepared. Mind you, I went in February, i.e. in the middle of winter – I do not know what the weather is like realistically during any of the other seasons. I also don’t want to provide a full packing list as such, but rather a couple of things to beear in mind as I struggled through them sometimes.

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How safe is it there? Can I move and talk freely? What about taking pictures?

One question that I got on some occasions was how safe it is to go there – I can only speak from my personal experience and that was that I felt extremely safe and also very welcome there. Actually as a tourist you enjoy a relatively good status and can go do a few things that locals can’t – that said, behaving like one is entitled to superior treatment doesn’t fly. At all.
Two examples.

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Traveling to North Korea? Just like that?

Many people have asked me if you can actually go to North Korea – or rather, the DPRK, as it is technically called (Democratic People’s Republic Korea). I guess by the time you may be reading this article it might be obvious that it is indeed very much possible to go there and visit the country. In fact, toursists are even encouraged to visit… except journalists or photographers*. More about that later. According to my local travel guides, it also doesn’t ooooverly much where you come from as they are able to distinguish between political relationships and people going on holiday 😉

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